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 A New Innovation in Charge !

Product Description:


Our cable has three tip options that can turn the open end into a Lightning, Type C, or Micro USB. Just install the magnetic connectors into your phone, tablet or laptop port and you'll be able to instantly switch between devices with a single cable. 


Our award winning design makes charging your phone a breeze. Our 360º design allows you to charge in an instant from any directionï¼?0cm cable does not realize this function temporarily. ï¼?You'll never want to deal with other chargers again.


Much thought and effort went into making our cables. It has gone through several reliability test and we are proud to say that our cable is up to 10x stronger than others.

With a charge capacity of 2.4amps at 9volts it supplies plenty of power to fast charge almost any device. 


No more hopelessly searching for your cable in the dark, only to just stab your phone to death trying to get a charge. Our LED lets you know exactly where your cable is while the magnets snap them together in an instant.


When the battery charge falls below its minimum voltage level we trickle charge. Trickle charge mode prevents the battery from charging at a high rate when the battery resistance is lowest, and thereby minimizes heat dissipation. Generally, the charge rate during pre-charge runs about 10 percent of the full charge capacity. Once the battery reaches that minimum voltage level, the charger switches to a constant-current or fast-charge mode.


Q:Does the magnet mess up my phone or battery? 

A:That's not an issue anymore. the notion that magnets are bad for electronics comes from an older time when CRT monitors and floppy drives were popular. With modern electronics magnets have no negative affects. This is primarily due to the implementation of LCD or AMOLED screens and the usage of flash memory. This is how most Accessories contain magnets. In fact, there are many magnets within your phone for various internal functions such as speakers, receiver, vibrate motor, and even Qi wireless charging.

 Q:I already lost the part that goes into the cellphone. How do I get extras

A: Please click "I don't need cable",and click your desirble USB connector (he part that goes into the cellphone), then you will get what you need!

Q:looks like it is only for apple?

A: It's also available in type C and microUSB. Upon purchase, the option to select the tip for your device is under the USB Connector section.

Q:Does this come with the 3 adapters for iphone and androids

 A: you will only receive one tip with your cable, the tip of your choice.